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Famous Dishes
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Famous Dishes from Around the World
Platos Famosos de todo el mundo


"A vibrant culinary take on the American melting pot via an international array of recipes and flavors."

  Kirkus Review

"Famous Dishes from Around the world/ Platos famosos de todo el mundo is recommended over and above other introductory ethnic cookbooks because of its recognizable national dishes, its diversity, its attention to healthy ingredients, and the ease with which the recipes can be cooked in the kitchen."
  – Midwest Book Review

"What books like Famous Dishes seek to do is to pepper in a little more humanity to our meal-making. The recipes here are accessible, yet impressive; inexpensive, yet satisfying."
  – Red City Review

"Turn your family meals into delightful cultural experiences by preparing dishes from different countries." – 5 Stars
  – Readers' Favorite

"The creators of this vibrant collection have spared no efforts to make their new project a feast for the eyes as well as for the stomach, with brilliant color photographs on every page." – RECOMMENDED by the US Review.
  – The US Review of Books

"What makes this version of Russian Borscht so appealing, in today's health climate, is its pure vegetable goodness – … It's just wow! … I'd give this gem a five-star review for this Russian Borscht recipe alone."
  – Jittery Cook

" International dishes: a symbol of national pride and cultural identity."
  – Food/ The Paris Post-Intelligencer

"The color photographs are gorgeous."
  – Books of My Heart Reviews

"What a beautiful and diverse cookbook!"
  – TarHeelReader's Reviews

"Famous Dishes from Around the World is a wonderful cookbook for a middle or high school library. It represents so much more than just a cookbook with recipes from around the globe. The book can be used in cooking and health classes, in foreign language classes, in geography classes, and in all kinds of multi-subject projects that have to do with cross-cultural studies." – 5 out of 5 Stars
  – Gaby Farrokhi/ GoodReads

"VERY NICE! I really, really, really enjoyed this book. I learned a lot. Great for the adventurous eater!" – 5 out of 5 Stars
  – January Gray/ NetGalley

"I have tried a couple of recipes from this book and they are wonderful! Highly recommended!" – 4 out of 5 Stars
  – Mariola Szczesny/ NetGalley

"What a delightful book! The recipes presented celebrate some of the best from around the world. These recipes are presented in an easy-to-follow format so cooks at any skill level may follow them with ease." – 5 out of 5 Stars
  – Evalina Irish-Spencer/ NetGalley

"This book has a great collection of international recipes and clear instructions. Also, there was a nice selection of vegetarian recipes, all of which look delicious!" – 4 out of 5 Stars
  – Shana Kelly/ NetGalley

Me encantan los libros de cocina…. Este libro que veis es especial…"
  – La Cocina de Rebeca


With Ballet in My Soul
Adventures of a Globetrotting Impresario

“Lively, educational and a fun romp through Europe’s professional circles, With Ballet in My Soul blends the artistry of performance and visual enhancements with an adventurer’s heart to provide a heady mix of travelogue, career journey and personal odyssey that’s hard to put down.
  Midwest Book Review
“… Hers was a trailblazing and financially risky career, unprecedented for a a woman of her time.”
  Carrie Seidman/ Sarasota Herald Tribune/ Interview

“This is a well-constructed autobiography about a woman who has accomplished much in her years. With beautiful photographs throughout the book, accompanying a pleasing design that makes the memoir feel as if it almost a scrapbook, the story is engaging, well-written, and constantly surprising."
  Red City Review/ 5 Stars

“A remarkable read, With Ballet in My Soul sends a powerful message of persistence and a positive attitude cutting through social norms and challenging times. Recommended by the US Review.”
  The US Review of Books

“Reading this book will make you feel like you’re curled up next to her on the couch, sipping some fine Parisian coffee, and listening to tales about a life well lived.”
  Ryan G. Van Cleave/ Scene Magazine/ Sarasota, FL

“Packed with photographs, this coffee table book is a captivating memoir of a remarkable woman… This book is, by turns, honest, compelling, thought -provoking and poignant. The author never shies away from the truth, but presents everything in a straightforward, engaging manner. Overall, a fascinating read.”
  Debra Webb Rogers/ balletwebb.blogspot.com/ Ballet Webb Interview

“The memoir, With Ballet in My Soul: Adventures of a Globetrotting Impresario, is a walk through time with Eva Maze. This very influential woman tells her story of ultimately fulfilling her “dream of sharing the beauty of dance and culture” with the world. Particularly charming at its conclusion, the book also includes many beautiful old photos, presented in scrapbook fashion.”
  Jaime Ngo/ Dance.net/ Interview

With Ballet in My Soul is creatively designed, with photographs and reproductions of posters elegantly scattered throughout the book. It’s a pleasant read that is both a moving homage to the lovely sense of tradition engrained within the performing arts as well as a primer on why internationalism matters, why “culture” isn’t a forbidding, somehow elitist activity, but should be available to all, a crucial key for opening up minds… more than just a lovely gift to send to one’s childhood dance teachers. It should be mandatory reading for politicians who need to recognize their responsibility for supporting the arts.”
  Janine Parker/ The Arts Fuse/ Boston’s online arts magazine

“This book is a treasure. What an amazing life –you just have to read it to believe it. Wonderful
stories with accompanying photography. Highly recommend to any ballet appreciators out there!”
  Juliette Dupre/ Ballet Scoop/ balletscoop.com

“I was wrong when I said Eva did not have super powers. Eva has a magic lasso, her brain lassoed in all the knowledge and passion that she could reel in and she put it to good use. She is Wonder Woman.”
  Brittany Perez/ goodreads

“Maze’s blend of serious commentary and anecdotes about the risks and rewards of the business side of theater and dance from the 1940s to the 1990s is without equal."
  Coast to Coast Newspaper

“A lush, historically mesmerizing memoir of a Romanian immigrant whose passion for ballet forged her into an unprecedented cultural ambassador, Eva’s Maze’s memoir, With Ballet in My Soul, Adventures of a Globetrotting Impresario, is one of a kind.”
  Joey Lorraine/ dancestrology.wordpress.com

“…. A reminder of how a single woman could be responsible for hundreds of programs over a 40-year time span and live a very happy life… all because she loves ballet.”
  David King/ A Ballet Education/ aballeteducation.com

this interesting memoir is a light easy read about a fascinating lady. Sharing her full and varied life with the reader, this memoir, like I imagine the writer, is lively and entertaining.”
  Gavin Roebuck/ Dance International Magazine-UK

“… A most impressive book!”
  Deborah Lloyd/ Readers’ Favorite/ 5 Stars

“The book, written in an easy, accessible style, is beautifully presented, with hundreds of photographs, and alongside Eva’s personal story, we get a fascinating glimpse into world events at the time… An excellent addition to the theatre-lovers’ library.”
  Amanda Jennings/ Dance Europe Magazine

“She is a fine writer, and her stories will delight anyone who loved dance, especially ballet and travel.
  Aubrey Reuben/ Aubrey’s Corner/ Theater Extras/ Black Tie

This is a book I am going to place in the high school library where I work, knowing that my students will get a lot out of it, both just in her life story, as well as the great history resource she provides.”
  Lisa Mandina/ misclisa.blogspot.com

“We all have that one neighbor that we want to know more about – she’s lead the most interesting life, and if we could just sit down for tea with her we know we’d learn a lifetime of history. Eva Maze is one of those people, and opening With Ballet in My Soul is that afternoon tea. So you better have a big pot ready, because you’re not going to want to move from your couch until you finish listening to everything she has to tell you.”
  Haley Mills/ ilayreading.com

It is certainly an inspiring narrative about artistic passion and unrelenting commitment, but in addition, makes a strong statement about female empowerment… A lovely read, With Ballet in My Soul tells the story of a creative spirit who has always and continues today to seek after the culture, beauty and innovation that is cultivated and celebrated in the performing arts community.”
  Heather Desaulniers/ heatherdance.com

“I truly adore this book and am inspired by her love of life and the arts, and her ability to swim laps every day well into her nineties! This book is sitting on my coffee table now—it’s too beautiful to put on a shelf just yet.”
  Tamara Rhoades-Baldwin/ Inside Ballet

“An engrossing and educational read, I devoured the book in one afternoon and wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who has an interest in dance, theatre, history, travel or the pioneering achievements of extraordinary individuals.”
  Georgina Butler/ georginabutler.wordpress.com

This book is special read to a dancer, a woman, a man, a historian, a student, a cultural lover.
  Jessica Poulter/ Dance Writer Australia

“It is like a magic carpet ride through time! I recommend this book for anyone who loves history, dance, theatre and the arts. My mom stole it to display on her coffee table.”
  Robbie Downey

Congratulations to Ms. Maze, and thank you to her for her work in sharing arts and theatre with the many who worked with her and attended her shows.”
  Barry Kerollis

It is a story for the history lovers, the travel junkies, the celebrity groupies, the collectors, and above all, those like Maze and myself who can’t imagine life without dance. It is a visual feast with photographs, old programs, ticket stubs, and performance posters from her work with companies like Alvin Ailey and West Side Story.”
  Jessica Ruhlin/ jessruhlin.wordpress.com

The physical book is a beautiful 'coffee table' publication which I believe would make a thoughtful gift for anyone interested in twentieth century dance and theatre, or the arts in post-war Germany.”
  Stephanie Jane/ Literary Flits/ litflits.blogspot.com

“Lovely Memoir…. the book shows how sometimes going for a certain dream often leads to a different and even greater dream.”
  Haley Marshall/ Oak/ oaktreereviews.com

“This book, the autobiography of 96-year-old Eva Maze, is full of amazing accomplishments that remind the reader that nothing can stop a dedicated dancer from pursuing her dreams…Eva's story also importantly reinforces the fact that an inability to pursue a career in dance does not preclude a person from pursuing a career in the dance industry. Management, costuming, and numerous other dance and performance related careers are wonderful options for those who can't dance professionally…
  Jilian Cupp/ The Dancewear Guru/ thedanceweargurublogspot.com

It almost felt like I was going through a scrapbook; the pictures made Maze’s story feel more warm and intimate…. All in all, this book is very enjoyable to read. Maze’s writing is wonderful; when you read her writing it is almost as if you are listening to an old friend talk to you… I suggest this novel to any person who loves memoirs, dance, history, and has an interest in learning more about different countries.”
  Katherine Williams/ goodreads

her ability to embrace diversity and variety in her work is striking.”
  Maya Pindar/ theinsanityindancing.blogspot.co.uk

It felt like Maze was almost a friend telling her life story. I thoroughly enjoyed this captivating memoir.”
  Mel Ulm/ The Reading Life/ rereadinglives.blogspot.com

“I wholeheartedly recommend this historical memoir. What an amazing collection of memories of a life lived to the full!”
  Sandra Olshaski/ libraryofcleanreads.com

“… an unforgettable memoir… A most impressive book!”

  5 Stars, Readers’ Favorite

Healthy Foods from A to Z 2015 Calendar (Bilingual-Eng./Sp.)
2014 National and World Calendar Awards
(Calendar Marketing Association)
Gold Award/ Best Subject
Gold Award/ Best Graphic Design
Silver Award/ Most Original
Silver Award/ Best Children's
Kids Educational Products category

Keeping Fit from A to Z/ Mantente en forma de la A a la Z

2015 Feathered Quill Book Awards Program
Juvenile/YA Non-Fiction Category

2014 Creative Child Awards:
Health & Nutrition Books for Kids-Bilingual category

2014 Mom's Choice Awards:
Children's Picture Books: Bilingual (with English translation)

"When parents are struggling to get their children to get away from their TVs and to go play outdoors, this book provides extensive suggestions for staying active while having fun with friends. One of the best aspects of it is that it provides a wide range of suggestions for children with varying interests. ... a truly all-inclusive picture book.
Children will be inspired by the colorful photos of youngsters enjoying themselves, while parents will appreciate the educational and wellness aspects. Parents are also likely to be thrilled by certain activities that encourage children to assist their parents with housework, including raking leaves, washing the car, and sweeping the floor"
  Reviewed by Jacquelyn Gilchrist, The US Review of Books

"Keeping Fit from A to Z / Mantente en forma de la A a la Z is a dynamic new A to Z alphabet book that is sure to find its way into small hands, hands that are eager to learn how to stay fit!
The theme, 'keeping fit,' is an excellent one that will translate and resonate with many homeschool and classroom teachers. Each page pops with exciting photographs of children enjoying life as they find ways to keep fit."
  Deb Fowler, Feathered Quill Book Review

"...This bilingual picture book is full of high-energy photographs of kids of all ages and skill levels, all of them having fun and keeping fit... Ideal for non-readers, early readers, and even school age kids and their parents--this colorful book will have everyone up and moving before you can get to Z."

  Lyda Whiting, Awareness Magazine

Reading this book with your child is a fun way to broaden his or her Spanish vocabulary while discovering new forms of physical activity that your family can enjoy together."
  Dana Hinders, Smart Mom Picks

What makes this book unique is that every activity, word, and sentence is in both English and Spanish, giving an educational bi-cultural and bi-lingual opportunity for both children and adults while promoting a healthy lifestyle at a young age."


"What a great book this is! Each page has vibrant colorful pictures, and a description of each in both English and Spanish.My kids are seven and ten, and love this book. It is my go to book when my kids and I can't decide on what to do, whether we are indoors or outdoors.
Great book to have in a classroom for younger kids, or in your home library. "

  Laura, NewAgeMamaBlogspot.com

This alphabet book provides a plethora of information and when coupled with its companion, Healthy Foods from A to Z (2012), will allow families to engage in both culinary and physically positive pastimes for wholesome living."

  Vicky Smith, Kirkus Reviews

"Keeping Fit from A to Z is a smashing new bilingual alphabet/activity exercise book that will dazzle kids with the (literary) fun of fitness.This fun, fantastic sports/alphabet book packs mucho healthy education into every single page and letter for all children, while teaching two languages and cultures through picture and written word.Keeping Fit from A to Z/ Mantente en forma de al A a la Z is an inclusive, inspiring, vibrant source of learning for children (age 3 and up) and adults, parents, caretakers, and educators."

  James A. Cox, Children's Book Watch, The Bilingual Shelf, Shelf

"Using the alphabet, Keeping Fit from A to Z by Moonstone Press LLC is unique in that it provides its text for the very young reader, age 3 and up, in both English and Spanish. This is an early encouragement to not sit in front of the television or just play video games. It's a very good investment in one's child's health."

  Alan Caruba, Bookviews 

"...This highly visual book emphasizes the importance of both being active and having fun."

  The Single Mom's Playbook

This bilingual alphabet picture book in both English and Spanish is designed to inspire children to stay active and healthy while, at the same time, introducing them to new vocabulary in two languages.Keeping Fit from A to Z would make a great resource for homeschool families to provide ideas for implementing physical education into their curriculum."

  Wayne Walker, HomeSchoolBookReview

"What a great book for children and adults alike!
Keeping Fit from A to Z / Mantente en forma de la A a la Z shows a variety of activities that contribute to improving fitness and increasing health. I highly recommend sharing this book with a little one in your family or community."
  Mary Edwards, M.S.
     Fitness Director and Professional Fitness Trainer
     Cooper Fitness Center, A Cooper Aerobics Company

"This simple yet visually powerful book will clearly help to instill a love of activity in children … and can help establish healthy patterns that will last into adulthood."
  Dr. Janet Brill, Ph.D., R.D.N, CSSD, FAND
    Award-winning author
    (Cholesterol Down/ Blood Pressure Down)
    Director, Nutrition for Fitness Together
    Nutritionist . Go Red Spokesperson

Healthy Foods from A to Z/ Comida sana de la A a la Z


2012 Mom's Choice Gold Award
Children's Picture Books /  Cooking & Food

2012 Creative Child Book of the Year Award
Creative Child Magazine/  Nutrition

2012 NAPPA Silver Winner
National Parenting Publications/
Children’s Book Products

2012 Moonbeam Bronze Winner
Moonbeam Children's Books/
Spanish Language

2012 ForeWord Review's Book of the Year Award
Honorable Mention / Picture Books, Early Reader

2012 Family Choice Award
Children's Books / Ages 5-8

2013 IBPA Benjamin Franklin Silver Award
Cover Design / Children's & Young Adult

2013 Creative Child Book of the Year Award
 Creative Child Magazine/ Picture Book
2013 Creative Child Preferred Choice Award
Creative Child Magazine/ Bilingual Books



This delightful book is illustrated with photographs of healthy food…"

“… provides young Spanish-speaking readers with something more intangible, yet vitally important: a sense of their cultural heritage…”

“… recommended for school or public library collections that serve bilingual and Spanish-speaking readers…”
  — Tim Wadham, School Library Journal
     Libro por libro/ Book by Book

"Recognition and identification are the goals of this bilingual alphabet book that combines emotional literacy with nutrition... Readers may find themselves hungry when they finish..."
  Kirkus Reviews

An excellent way to help introduce young ones to foods that can compose a varied and nutritious diet, Healthy Foods from A to Z is highly recommended.
  Midwest Book Review/
    Children’s Bookwatch/ The Bilingual Shelf

“Recently I had the privilege of reviewing a book that could, quite honestly, change the world of childhood obesity in America. This book would make a welcome and healthy addition to every school, including homeschool, library.”
  — Tere Scott, St. Louis Homeschool Examiner

“Yum! Just a quick look through Healthy Foods from A to Z will make your mouth water. This educational book is fun for both adults and children!”

  — Ellen Feld, Feathered Quill Book Reviews
“This is the most innovative alphabet book I have seen. ....I can see this book used as a resource to help a family plan meals together.”
  Chris, dadofdivas.blogspot.com

Healthy Foods from A to Z / Comida Sana de la A a la Z is a truly unique bilingual book. It’s originality along with the quality of the pictures and the wealth of educational opportunities in this book really set it apart.

The pictures are beautiful and crisp and the colors fresh, just like the fruits and vegetables.

…The questions and the conversation continued long after we were done with the book. Both of my kids where so excited they wanted to make their own food face...in a few minutes this book had awaken in him an interest in foods he’s refused to even touch in the past. I was more than impressed!
  Paula Bendfeldt-Diaz, Growing Up Bilingual.com

"I love the faces. What an adorable, colorful, and informative book!
It is the perfect tool to aid parents in their goal to feed wholesome, organic foods to their children for habits that will last a lifetime and so much fun that children won't even realize they are learning, too!"

  — Ruth Yaron, author of Super Baby Food!, a best-selling book
     with more than 500,000 copies sold

"We know that children eat a more varied and healthful diet if they participate in meal planning and shopping. If they have involvement they are more invested in it. This book capitalizes on that tendency, making food and eating a pleasant and creative game."

  — Loraine Stern, MD, FAAP, co-editor of AAP's award-winning Nutrition:
     What Every Parent Needs to Know

"What a wonderful way to get kids interested in learning about healthy eating — and at the same time expand their English and Spanish language skills! I love the activity at the end of the book..."
  — Bridget Swinney MS, RD, LD, author of Baby Bites: Everything You Need
    to Know about Feeding Infants and Toddlers in One Handy Book
    Eating Expectantly

This is a fun book about food ‘faces’ made from healthy foods.
My favorite photograph is on the XYZ page...
I would recommend the book to people who want to be healthy, but don’t know what to eat. I liked this book because it was so fun. I loved the illustrations because they were so colorful and bright.
  Reviewed by Murphy, Age 6/ San Francisco Book Review

Healthy Foods from A to Z is different. ...it left me itching to sit down with my sons to make some of these faces together.They look delicious and make you smile, and the photographs by Renée Comet are top-notch....
  — Miri McDonald, ElephantJournal.com

"Teach your kids about food at the same time they learn the English and Spanish alphabets in a unique book, Healthy Foods From A to Z / Comida sana de la A a la Z.”
  — Kate Jackson, Today's Diet & Nutrition

...this bilingual picture book features colorful photos of faces made of fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy and soy products."
  Food and Nutrition Magazine, Fall 2012
    Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics

“...While this book is for ages 3 & up, I honestly think it’s as useful for me as it is for the kids. My husband and I flipped through it together and were amazed at the selection of healthy foods. It’s VERY helpful for me and I believe Healthy Foods from A to Z will get as much use by me in the kitchen as it will by the kids!”

  — ItsGravyBaby.com

“A cast of ingeniously crafted characters introduce children to their ABCs and healthy foodThis bilingual picture book in features colorful photographs of charming faces made of foods, arranged by letter of the alphabet.
  — Neat Solutions for Healthy Children

“For youngsters in a bilingual family that speaks and reads both English and Spanish, there’s Healthy Foods from A to Z (Comida sana de la A a la Z. The book features ‘faces’ made from the various fruits and vegetables that offer a great way for a youngster, age 4 to 8, to learn about them.
  — Alan Caruba, Bookviews

“Teaching Children to Eat Healthier Just Became Easier!
  — Phyllis Juried, Today's Parent Magazine (posted 8/20/12)

“Designed to inspire young children to eat healthy foods--as well as learn their ABCs--this book features 18 charming faces that depict a range of emotions children can understand.

  — Laura Kalchik, Families First Monthly

Healthy Foods from A to Z is an amazing book. I honestly cannot say enough about it.

You can use this book in so many ways!

I love this book.... I plan on doing a Unit Study with this book.A beautiful visual guide to healthy foods. Exploring the alphabet never looked so delicious!”
  — Lisa Rupertus, AsTheyGrowUp.com

“Children will giggle at the funny faces on each page...

Each cheerful page of this creative book is dedicated to one or more letters of the alphabet, and is bursting with bright photographs of colorful fruits, vegetables, herbs, and grains.Highly recommended for ages 3 and up.”
  — Lyda Whiting, Awareness Magazine

Colorful illustrations of charming faces constructed by famous food-photographer Renée Comet out of the various foodstuffs will encourage children to return to the book over and over. I love strawberries. I also love this book.”
  — Wayne S. Walker, Book Reviewer,     homeschoolblogger.com/homeschoolbookreview

“Healthy Foods from A to Z ....will invite children to visit the book over and over.”
  Wendy Priesnitz, Natural Child magazine

What makes this book so unique is that every food, word and sentence is in both English and Spanish, giving an educational bi-cultural and bi-lingual opportunity for not only children but also adults.
  Conny Crisalli, BookPleasures.com

"We know a well-nourished child does better in school and Healthy Foods from A to Z teaches the alphabet, stimulates creativity ... and introduces fruits and vegetables most likely unknown in some cultures. This is a book for the whole family."

  — Edie Wiltsee, MPH, MS, CLC, Program Director,
     Monterey County California Health Department 

This alphabet book features colorful pictures of foods that are good for children to eat! This educational book is fun for both adults and children!”
  — Susan Heim, On Writing blog 

Presented in English and Spanish and with a heavy dose of creativity!

My guess is that just sitting with a child who might be a little finicky in their eating habits—naming and pointing together to the familiar fruits and vegetables—would break down subconscious barriers a child might have to trying new things.

The book also has a template and directions so you and your kids can make your own funny faces, ideas for other projects, and also—very valuable—a chart with nutrition information on all kinds of food. This is something you can study with your children—each absorbing what you can at your respective levels.”
  — Barbara Curtis, MommyLife.net

“Parents, are you tired of the same ole picture book, ones that do nothing to educate your little ones? Then check out Healthy Foods from A to Z. This book isn’t only educational, it’s fun!

The food-faces are so comical you can’t help but giggle. ...so much silly!

Playing with your food has never been so much fun and educational! “
  — Sandie Lee, Bumples Family First

“This book does more than grab the attention of the reader... It shows everyone what ‘healthy foods’ are out there.. but there is so much more... It is a bilingual book!
Broxton has been cracking up at the book..."
  — Noelle D, www.jumpin-beans.blogspot.com

“...Little C has enjoyed looking at his new book. He loves all of the faces that were created with all of the food. He has also been excited to make faces with his food. He does this with anything we put on his plate! It has encouraged him to have fun and eat all of his food, which is great!

There are tons of food that I never knew existed and I absolutely love the artwork.
  — Lori Troyer, EmilyReviews.com

“This bilingual Spanish book teaches young readers about health and nutrition in a fun way with colorful photographs...”
  — Arun Toke, Editor, Skipping Stones Magazine

“...color photographs of fruits and vegetables arranged as faces will delight children from three years old and up...a handy guide for future shopping.”
  — Elinor Nuxoll, NW Boomer & Senior News

“What a fun, clever way to teach kids about food—and the alphabet!I felt right at home collaborating on these images...”
  — Renée Comet, Renée Comet Photography
    Photographer, Healthy Foods from A to Z

Healthy Foods from A to Z is one of those tools we can use to help our kids make good food choices. It is a children’s book, with fantastic pictures...

The pictures in this book are awesome. The kids couldn’t wait to turn the pages to see the next face. That excitement alone makes it worth getting this book! I also loved that this book introduced some foods my kids had not seen before. This is just a super fun book.”
  — Lisa Martin, Lisa Reviews

Eighteen witty faces, designed with salad, corn and olives for hair, kiwis and bagels for eyes, watermelon, orange slices and mushrooms for mouths, smile out of the creative pages.

Also bilingual, the foods are named in English and Spanish, making this an entertaining introduction to healthy eating in more ways than one.
  — Lee Littlewood, Kids’ Home Library, syndicated column, Creators Syndicate

“This is a great children’s picture book that kids love. Healthy Foods from A to Z is a hardbound book of many faces, literally! As a home daycare provider, I’m always looking for books that are unique, educational, interesting, and fun.

As a preschool teacher,I recommend Healthy Foods from A to Z be in every early childhood classroom. It’s a wonderful teaching tool and a great launching point for a Food Theme. As a parent, this is a wonderful way to share healthy habits in a fun way with your children.
We love this book!”

  Lisa Weidknecht, Planet Weidknecht

“This is such a cool picture book! The primary goal is to get children interested in healthy food, but it can help with teaching the alphabet, Spanish, and emotions, as well... My children love this book, and actually delayed my review by making it disappear into their collection! In addition to your home library, this would be an excellent addition to school and public libraries.”

  Rachel Ramey/ Titus2Homemaker

“This book is the winner of a Mom’s Choice Award, a Creative Child Magazine Award, a National Parenting Publications (NAPPA) Award, and a Moonbeam Children’s Book Award. Imaginative FUN faces of healthy food...

  Lenore Webb, Crazed Mind

“I thought this was super cute

  Jennie and Kim, Surviving Motherhood/ www.motherhoodsupport.com

The creators combined a beautiful array of healthy vegetables in a format that also teaches youngsters to learn their ABC.”

  Teri Flatley/ BoomThis.com

“This would be a wonderful book in a bilingual household or bilingual preschool or elementary school classroom."
  Carrie Wells, Huppie Mama

Healthy Foods A-Z is a bilingual picture book that would be a positive addition to any preschool classroom.
  Katie Skelley/ Team Skelley

“Alphabet books are a dime a dozen, but Healthy Foods from A to Z stands out from the crowd by teaching kids their ABCs while familiarizing them with a variety of healthy foods....

The book wasn’t able to inspire my son to develop a craving for collard greens, but he does want me to pick him up a papaya next time I go grocery shopping.”

  Dana Hinders, Smart Mom Picks

“...I was surprised by the amount of information that I found in this children’s book! There are so many ways that you can use this book and the ideas inside the book, and it may even help you with a picky eater!”

  Mary Williams, Lil Bit of Us

"Moonstone Press has outdone itself with its new children's book, Healthy Foods from A to Z/Comida Sana de la A a la Z.
It is not only entertaining, but serves the tri-fold function of teaching children their ABCs, about healthy foods, and emotions. ...This book is recommended to elementary school teachers and any parent who has a hard time getting their young children to eat their fruits and vegetables!"
  Emily Davis, Portland Book Review   

"One way I have kept my children asking for more veggies is by offering them books to read and explore about produce from an early age on. Healthy Foods from A to Z is one of the best that I have seen...

this is a great book that you and your children will enjoy and learn a lot from!"

  Cara Nitz, Your World: Healthy and Natural   

Breastfeeding Around the World/
Amamantar alrededor del mundo


2012 Seal of Excellence Award
Creative Child Magazine/ Parenting Aids-Maternity category

2012 Mom’s Choice Silver Award
Health/ Nutrition/ Fitness & Safety category


"I find breastfeeding so compelling in part because it transcends the social, ethnic, religious, and economic barriers that divide people. Breastfeeding Around the World beautifully illustrates breastfeeding's universality.

This book's gorgeous full-color breastfeeding photos feature ethnically diverse mothers and babies from a vast array of countries and cultures. Countries represented include Mexico, Ethiopia, the U.S., Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Canada, Madagascar, Italy, Afghanistan, Brazil, New Guinea, South Africa, and more. Its photos feature breastfeeding children of all ages, from newborns through older nurslings.

Both mothers and children will enjoy the simple English and Spanish text that gracefully accompanies the photos, such as 'A mother's milk is nature's gift' or 'Whether in the United States or faraway in Italy, a baby begins a healthier life because mom offers her child her own milk.' Its intimate and international breastfeeding portraits make this book the perfect addition to any WIC office, pediatric waiting room, or family home library."
                                                           — Nancy Mohrbacher, IBCLC, FILCA,
                                                                Author, Breastfeeding Answers Made Simple Co-author,
                                                                Breastfeeding Made Simple: Seven Natural Laws for Nursing Mothers

"Not only do our moms connect with the photos of their own culture, they can also see that breast-feeding is the norm in every part of the world. The sweet, tender images of mothers breastfeeding their babies evoke that very special feeling only a mom knows as she nurtures new life."
  — Edie Wiltsee, MPH, MS, CLC
     Program Director, WIC Monterey County California Health Department

"Breastfeeding Around the World is a beautiful and insightful look at the bond between a woman and her baby. This book is largely made up of photos, with simple text below (written in both English and Spanish). It would make a wonderful Mother's Day gift for any lover of breastfeeding, babies, photography, culture, or simply, motherhood."
  — Kelly Perotti, CribNotes.com

"Nos encanta este libro." ("We love this book").
  — ESPERA/ SER PADRES magazine

Moments in the Wild

Scholastic Book Club selection:
Tender Moments in the Wild

Best Product/ Books
iParenting Media Awards

Best Children's Literature
Judges' Selection Early Childhood News Awards

(one of eight outstanding children's products for 2003)

Teacher's Choice Award

2 Early Childhood News Directors' Choice Awards, Book Division

Benjamin Franklin Silver Awards:
Best Children's Book
Best Cover Layout and Design

Readers Preference Editor's Choice Award

"Preschoolers will be fascinated by these spectacular photographs. A natural selection for public and school libraries."
  — Kirkus Reviews

"It's simple enough for newly independent readers, but would be equally suited for one-on-one reading with preschoolers. Recommended for both libraries and bookstores."
  — School Library Journal

"Tender Moments is a beautiful photo-documentary book that delivers exactly what the title promises, with large lovely photos and simple text... Animal lovers will love this book."
  — Boston Sunday Globe (Tender Moments)

"Toddlers and parents alike will enjoy these delightful images."
  — Nature's Best Magazine

"This book is sure to warm anyone's heart. Though the prose is simple enough for a child to enjoy, the photographs and theme of the book will appeal to all generations."
  — (Tender Moments) National Wildlife Federation/Backyard Buddies

"You won't be able to resist saying ,' Aaw-w-w-w-w-!'" Special Moments in the Wild series captures rarity on film that creates beautiful books".
  — Nature Society News

"This is a fun way of looking at nature. You can see the best of ourselves in these creatures."
  —Joel Sartore, author of The Company We Keep,
    America's Endangered Species

"The photographs are absolutely stunning, the layout is engaging for children, and the text is perfect for our early readers in both English and Spanish."
  — Everybody Wins! Readers are Leaders & Storytime