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Moonstone Press LLC, a small independent press in Sarasota, Florida, was established in 2001 by photographer/ book producer, Stephanie Maze, with the goal of publishing high-quality photography-based books in English and Spanish for children and adults. As a former newspaper and magazine photojournalist for more than 30 years, Stephanie envisioned her company’s books to be primarily photo-driven. She attributes the bilingual English-Spanish approach for her company's titles to her love for languages and foreign cultures (she grew up abroad and speaks five languages), her deep respect for cultural diversity, and the fact that Spanish is one of most popular foreign languages in American schools today (Stephanie taught Spanish and French briefly at the secondary school level in Washington DC and Maryland). As a freelance photojournalist for international publications, she also traveled extensively throughout many Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries.

Stephanie launched her small company as project editor of an early-childhood animal series of eight titles titled Moments in the Wild/ Momentos en el reino animal. The books enjoyed critical acclaim by both parents and educators, and earned numerous non-fiction children’s book awards. The concept behind the series was not only to inspire young children to respect wildlife and the environment by looking at captivating images taken by some of the world’s best wildlife photographers, but also to show children that animals and humans have a lot in common.

As part of a new focus on nutrition and health due to the alarming statistics on youth obesity, Moonstone Press LLC made a commitment in 2011 to publish, among others, books that will help motivate families and their children to adopt healthy lifestyles. With this in mind, the company released an adult bilingual title in English and Spanish in association with the California Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Program of Monterey County called Breastfeeding Around the World/ Amamantar alrededor del mundo, designed to encourage women to breastfeed, and thus give babies the best possible start in life. This was followed by two innovative bilingual children's alphabet picture books for ages three and up: One on nutrition, Healthy Foods from A to Z/ Comida sana de la A a la Z, featuring amusing and expressive food-face photographs with a variety of healthy foods, activities for a classroom involving healthy foods, and a glossary of 70 super food facts for adults; the other on fitness, Keeping Fit from A to Z/ Mantente en forma de la A a la Z, designed to inspire children of all backgrounds to be healthy by being active. The latter, which presents children and their families with more than 200 colorful and engaging photographs of a variety of physical activities and sports, includes well-known children's indoor and outdoor games, problem-solving classroom exercises involving movement, and a number of fun facts about the health benefits of exercise.

A new bilingual cookbook in English and Spanish, Famous Dishes from Around the World: Healthy, Tasty and Affordable/ Platos famosos de todo el mundo: saludables, sabrosos y económicos, featuring 30 well-known ethnic and international dishes introduced into the United States by immigrants from around world, was published in May 2019. Honoring the nation's rich multicultural heritage through its culinary arts, it includes authentic and healthy variations of well-known national dishes from different countries, a calorie and nutrition breakdown of each recipe, background information about each dish, and meals within a defined budget. 

At Moonstone Press LLC, we take a TEAM approach for research and development of all titles. Please click on Meet Our Team for additional team information on participants who have contributed their expertise to our various projects.